Archive Storage

Release Valuable Office Space

In these days of rising office costs and an increasing requirement for businesses to maintain accurate long-term records (companies are now required to keep their employers liability certificate for 40 years), contracting out document storage makes sense. We offer this service to provide you with an efficient and reliable way of storing and retrieving business records while saving valuable office space at your premises.

How It Works

Moon Removals offer secure archive storage for documents. This allows you to place boxed documents in long-term storage and retrieve them if called upon to do so.

We safely store documentation for people from various professions, including architects, surveyors, solicitors, estate agents and accountants Anyone who needs to store paperwork will be able to benefit from our service. Many types of documents are stored this way, including commercial documents, legal papers, hospital records and financial accounts. All documents may be retrieved when needed.

This kind of storage system has the benefit of releasing valuable office space and reducing the time you have to spend in filing and retrieval. Archive storage is efficient, practical and will save money for your business.

The Benefits

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